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Grand Capital weekly recap: May 11th–15th, 2020

Here’s our traditional report on the highest-performing traders of the last week: May 11th to 15th.

The most successful trader in terms of profit sold Dow Jones futures (YM) and earned $2,486 in two working days.

In the scope of the whole week, the highest profit made on one account in five days was $5,943.

We also would be remiss not to mention the last week’s most active trader who placed 314 trades in one week involving AUDCHF, EURAUD, GBPNZD, NZDCAD, USDCHF. Overall, the activity yielded a profit, although 194 out of 314 trades resulted in a loss.

Once again we see that the more practice and more activity you put in, the more often trading brings the desired profit, and sometimes an unexpectedly high profit in a short time!

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Traders also chose the following trading instruments:

XUA/USD СFD: gold spot price. A practical trading instrument with high liquidity and volatility, which is appealing to traders. It’s especially popular among speculators during the times of crisis, when there’s a large amount of Buy and Sell orders on the market. When trading, it’s recommended to consider the following factors: employment data, inflation, and GDP in the US, changes in oil prices and EUR/USD.

WTI CFD: WTI oil spot price. This American oil brand is in high demand and often included in investment portfolios. Oil prices can be artificially inflated or lowered over long periods of time. Traditional indicator-based mechanic strategies aren’t very useful for making predictions, fundamental analysis is the preferred method here. Before making a decision, compare WTI to oil futures prices.

AUDJPY: the price of one Australian dollar in Japanese yen. The pair is most actively traded during the Asian trading session. Throughout the day, the price may fluctuate within a range of 80–150 pips. The price is affected by the global political and economic climate, while the currencies themselves strongly depend on the interest rates of their respective countries.

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