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Interview with contest winners: the most successful trades are those you feel you did your best with

Fajar Restu Arifianto, Indonesia, winner of the 479th round of Drag Trade, received real $200

I’m 21, I study at a university, and have been trading less than a year. I’ve mastered trading thanks to my friends. I prefer scalping and news trading, my favorite instrument is XAU/USD. The most successful trades are those you feel you did your best with. I’m patient and dealing with emotions is easy for me.

When choosing a broker I pay attention to security. My advice to other contestants: have patience, it may help. Novice traders should keep trading even if they fail in something, there’s always hope.

Angel Adrian Fernandez Huespe, Paraguay, winner of the 77th round of Rally Trade, received a no-deposit bonus of $500

I’m 27, I’ve been trading in Forex and stock markets for two years as a hobby. I like Forex because it’s a profitable business and technology helps make it simpler.

About my most successful trades: once I tripled by profit from $150. I still think that in order to have lots of opportunities you’ve got to have lots of money, so I think it was a success. I made many mistakes on a demo account and they taught me a lot. My most memorable achievement is the victory in this contest.

I used a demo account to learn trading, I also read a bit about major stock traders.

The hardest thing about trading is to learn to accept losses. If you can minimize your losses, you can achieve success. I use simple strategies and try to bring risks to a minimum when selling or buying, while the most important indicator for me is RSI, I can definitely say it’s an effective oscillator if used correctly. I prefer long-term trading, it’s safer. Short-term means I can earn a lot, but also lose everything just as easily.

I look for brokers with reliable regulation. I chose Grand Capital because of the opportunities it offers their clients, as well as the low spreads.

For me, Rally Trade was a challenged that helped me prove myself. The competition was evident because there were strong traders among the contestants, but I remained focused because I knew that just one mistake could cost me victory. I tried not to think about the results of others and I won.

I would recommend to beginners to never stop, test your strategies, stay focused and in control, calculate volume and margin correctly and be consistent. I wish you all luck!

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