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Interview with contest winners: my most effective trades are those done in accordance with my strategy

We asked the winners of Drag Trade to share with us what instruments and strategies help them earn profit from Forex trades. Read their answers in our latest round-up.

Abdelkader Toubal, Algiers, the winner of the 455th round of Drag Trade, received real $200

Trading experience: 5 years

Preferred instruments: major currency pairs, gold, and oil

Trading strategy: scalping

Indicators: Moving Averages, MACD

I’m 40, I own a small car business. I have always been attracted to the financial industry, but I never imagined you could trade in Forex in the comfort of your home. After a period of education, I started trading. My goal is to become a professional trader, receive a decent income to change my life and country.

My most effective trades are those done thoroughly in accordance with my trading strategy. It’s not even important whether they are profitable or losing, it’s important to develop your strategy further and make it work in the end. Usually I’m very emotional, however, when it comes to trading, I try to get a grip on myself. Classical music helps me with this. If I feel like I’m too anxious and can’t trade, I get on my bike and ride somewhere. When I was choosing a broker, I looked through online rankings, compared deposit and withdrawal methods. I started trading with Grand Capital because of the many opportunities that they offer: Crypto and Swap Free trading accounts, lots of deposit and withdrawal options, bonuses and contests. Among the contests, I like Drag Trade and Rally Trade most of all, while Future Trade is a bit too difficult for me. This round was quite hard. First, I lost the profit from my first trade, though I was one step away from winning, then I had to close the second trade, but I still won. My piece of advice for beginners is to work with honest brokers, like Grand Capital, keep to one strategy, keep on learning and discover something new every day. 

Mahtab Yar, Pakistan, the winner of the 456tgh round of Drag Trade, received real $200

Trading experience: 5 years

Preferred trading instruments: CFD

Trading strategy: fundamental analysis

Indicators: Bollinger bands

My name is Mahtab Yar, I’m 28 and I’m a tourism agent. Forex trading is my passion. I studied websites of brokers, checked their news and watched webinars to learn more about trading. I want to earn enough money through trading to start my own tourism business. Every trade with stop loss which resulted in profit is a successful trade, while an unsuccessful trade means that I forgot to set up the orders. My trading style is quite measured. Every time something goes wrong and I can’t handle the emotions, I simply stop trading and don’t return to the market until I feel the trend. I like brokers with good tech support and fast deposit. I decided to take part in a Grand Capital contest because I had read a lot of positive reviews about it. My main advantage in the competition was my knowledge of trends, as well as some USD rate spikes thanks to which I managed to make a profit and win the contest. I recommend newcomers to enter good positions, study the market, practice constantly and use small investments at first.

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