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You are a beginner, but want to earn on par with successful traders? Then a LAMM account is your best choice! the LAMM account is a unique investment service which lets you "copy" trades of experienced traders. Once you have connected your account to the preferred trader's account and set the amount of funds you are willing to reserve for LAMM trading, you can relax and sit back. Deals are placed automatically, so you do not even have to open the platform. Let experienced traders do all the work for you! With the LAMM service you can invest in Forex, stocks, indices and CFD.

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New: the LAMM service for Binary Options accounts!

Learn how to trade Binary Options with the help of professional traders with our innovative service for Binary Options trading!

The LAMM service for Binary Options works the same way as it does on Forex. Connect your account to an experienced trader’s account and learn how to trade Binary Options successfully from advanced traders! Don't forget that you still have control over every deal the manager makes, so you can disconnect or cancel the trade at any time!

For your convenience, we have implemented a new filter in the managers’ rating, so you can sort LAMMs by account types: Classic Standard, Classic Micro and Binary accounts.

Join the LAMM service and learn from the best traders how to make profit at the same time!

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Advantages of LAMM Accounts in Grand Capital

  • Investor's funds are not being transferred to the manager's account and stay on the investor's account all the time.

  • An investor can manage the risks by setting the amount of funds reserved for LAMM trading.

  • An investor can disconnect from the manager's account or cancel the deal at any time.

  • The manager can choose the desirable type of compensation: fixed commission or a certain percentage from the investor's profit

  • The manager uses personal funds for trading

  • All transactions are copied automatically.

How it Works

Creating a managed account

Manager 1 Balance $1 000
Expected profit: 30%
Commission: 10%

Replication ratio 5

Investor Balance: $10 000

Replication ratio 1

Manager 2 Balance: $50 (account Micro)
Expected profit: 100%
Commission: 30%

  • The investor copies transactions of manager 1 with replication ratio 1:5 and transactions of manager 2 with replication ratio 1:1.
  • Manager’s 1 balance is $1 000, expected profit is 30% and required commission 10%
  • Manager’s 2 balance is $50 which is equivalent to $5 000 (The Micro account allows calculation in cents), expected profit is 100% and required commission is 30%

At the end of the investment period

Manager 1 Profit $1 350

Commission: $150

Investor Balance: $14 850

Commission: $1 500

Manager 2 Profit $3 500

  • The Manager 1 brought a profit of $1 500 to the investor. The Investor paid the commission of 10% therefore, his/her profit from the manager's trading is $1 350.
  • The manager 2 brought a profit of $5 000 to the investor. The investor paid the commission of 30% so his/her profit from the manager's trading is $3 500.
  • The investor’s final profit brought by the manager 1 and the manager 2 combined is $4 850

How to Become an Investor

  1. Register an account with Grand Capital and receive your access to the Private Office
  2. Choose a manager in the rating
  3. Click "invest in this account" on the manager's page. You will then be offered to connect one of your accounts to the manager's account or create a new one.
  4. Study the manager’s offer (below the chart)
  5. Deposit your account with the amount equal to the manager’s balance. Please mind that investor’s balance must match the manager’s balance. For example, the manager’s balance is $1 000. In this case, the investor’s balance should be at least $1 000 or $10 for Micro accounts.
  6. Request to connect to the chosen manager’s account in your Private Office.
  7. Both Standard and Micro accounts are eligible for LAMM.
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Managers' rating

Account Profitability for the last 3 months Age
1 Goodwin:442651 2161.06% 1009 days
2 Nikolai GREV:589600 1339.91% 523 days
3 Sky is the limit:4427290 1168.77% 118 days
4 RiskFreeFXBot:4456998 420.54% 75 days
5 Magic Dragon:4398297 225.89% 162 days
6 ekkko80:4412711 178.86% 109 days
7 Quant:517045 141.13% 781 days
8 RafalK:4461092 132.82% 56 days

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