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Interview with contest winners: “Once I increased my deposit 40 times”

There’s a curious pattern in trading. Those whose trades turn out not as good as they planned tend to blame unfortunate circumstances. But those who have made Forex trading one of the sources of their monthly income generally take full responsibility on themselves. In our latest interview round-up, contest winners shared with us their recipes for success.

Maksim Shvedchikov, Russia, winner of the 474th round of Drag Trade, received real $200

I’m 42, I work in construction and my main hobby is trading. I learned trading on my own, by the method of trial and error. I’ve been trading for about 8 years, the favorite instruments are EURJPY and USDZAR. I like news trading, I use the indicators Parabolic SAR and MACD. My most successful trade was at the time of Brexit vote: in just 2 hours I made $3,000. If I feel that I’m nervous, I put off trading until the next day or switch to my main job. When trading on a real account I try not to let the emotions take over, that’s why I appreciate contests for the opportunity to feel the thrill and adrenaline. It’s hard to pick the right strategy for such a fast-paced contest as Drag Trade, you just open trades with more volatile pairs. I had already participated in the company’s contests and even took medal places, but now I won for the first time. I recommend beginners to take part in contests and never give up: even if you don’t win at once, just keep putting one foot in front of the other!

Ali Farman, Pakistan, winner of the 247th round of Rally Trade, received a $500 no-deposit bonus

My name is Ali Farman, I’m 24. I’m a sales manager in a medical company. I like my job, but Forex trading is a great source of extra income, if you use money management correctly. I learned trading from online videos, webinars from various companies, and also books. My goal is to make 1 million dollars. At the beginning of each week I set specific goals for myself, and when I reach them, I don’t hurry, I wait for more favorable prices to improve my result. That’s how I control my emotions.

I tried trading with various brokers and came to the conclusion that above all I value responsive client support and fast withdrawals At first I chose Grand Capital because of their contests, then started trading with them. I like the company for low spreads and fast trade execution. My piece of advice for novice traders is to study a lot, set goals for yourself and plan your budget,

Andriy Klimovets, Ukraine, winner of the 475th round of Drag Trade, received real $200

My name is Andriy, I’m 53, I’m a retired serviceman. I like Forex and my job. I learned trading on my own thanks to contests, and by trading on real accounts with small deposit. Currently, my main goal is to increase my deposit. As a practice, once I deposited $1 into a real account and increased it 40 times. Everything is possible! Worrying and emotions are always there in trading. But they decrease as you gain experience and confidence in your actions. When choosing a broker, I pay attention to a company’s rating and trading conditions. I found Grand Capital accidentally, just saw an ad. I like their contest because there’s a chance to win real prizes, as well as bonuses you can trade with and withdraw the profit.

I’d like to recommend beginners to be more persistent in mastering this interesting trade. Don’t despair if you fail, and, of course, don’t trade mindlessly! Risks should be minimized.

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