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Forex Rebate

Here at Grand Capital we care about our partner’s success. Apart from various promotions and bonuses, Grand Capital provides its partners with another great tool for attracting new clients. Offer a reduced spread to interest more traders to sign up with GC and profit with increased trading volume! So the partner attracts more loyal clients, they increase the trading volume by rewards and partner gets more profit.

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About Rebate

What is a Rebate?

Rebate is an extra bonus you can offer to your clients. It is basically a cash back for each lot traded, regardless of the trade’s outcome. If a partner chooses to offer the rebate, his/her income from the spread decreases, but count of referrals and trading volume increase.

Why Do You Need Rebate?

Rebate can help you attract more loyal clients and motivate them to increase the trading volume. Make more profit from increased number of lots traded by your clients.

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How it Works

  • You attract clients to trade with GC

  • Clients get partial compensation from the spread for each lot traded.

  • Clients use the funds to increase trading volume

  • Your profit is increased with the number of lots traded by your clients


No rebate

With rebate

A partner attracts 10 clients. Their collective trading volume is 20 lots (2 lots by each client). The clients do not like the spread very much, so they are hesitant to increase the trading volume and choose inexpensive trading instruments, such as EURUSD.

In this case the partner’s commission would be as follows:

20 lots * $15 = $300

A partner chooses to offer rebate to his/her client and sets the rebate volume at $5 from each lot. The clients’ motivation increases as they get additional funds they can use for trading. Clients use the funds to trade and trade 50 lots.

In this case partner’s commission would be as follows:

50 lots * $15 – 50 lots * $5 = $500

Attract more clients to get more profit.

100 lots * $15 – 100 lots * $5 = $1000

And do not forget about additional bonus for the number of lots!

How to Start?

  1. Become a partner of Grand Capital and start attracting clients

  2. Study our marketing materials located in your Private Office and choose the most appealing one.

  3. You can set up a rebate in your Private Office. If you have any questions visit this page or contact our customer support.

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